Red Light Camera Enforcement

Red Light Camera Violations are not processed by the City of Bedford Municipal Court. Once the violation has been reviewed and approved by a City of Bedford police officer, the notice of violation is issued by our red light photo enforcement vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems.

If you have questions about the notice of violation , please contact the Redflex Customer Service Center.
Redflex Customer Service Center
7018 Baker Blvd.
Richland Hills, TX 76118
817-595-5760 or 877-245-2422

Payment Methods

Payment is to be made by 1 of the following methods:
  • By Mail:
    City of Bedford Photo Enforcement Program Payment Center
    P.O. Box 76940
    Cleveland, OH, 44101
    (Check; Money Order; MasterCard or Visa only)
  • In Person:
    Customer Service Center
    7018 Baker Boulevard
    Richland Hills, TX 76118
    Phone: 817-595-5760 or 877-245-2422
    (Check; Money Order; MasterCard or Visa only)
  • Online: Enter city code:BDFDTX
    (Visa or MasterCard only)

Make check or money order payable to: City of Bedford Photo Red Light Enforcement Program.