Community Service

The following is a list of events that defendants may sign up for to meet their community service requirements. Select the event for more information.

Double Credit Events

Community Service Options


You may only turn in one donation. You will not be given credit for multiple donations. View the Donation Options flyer. 


The Jury/Master Jury will assign you a number of community service hours within the discipline grid. You are required to complete these hours and turn in documentation/time card to the Teen Court office within 90 days or the case may be terminated and returned to the Municipal Court.

There are several ways to do your community service hours:

  • Time Card Selections: During enrollment you will select two agencies from the handout. When you check-out after your teen court session you will be provided letters with the contact person, phone number and address. It is your responsibility to contact the agency to set up your hours. You must take your time card with you each time you work and have the supervisor sign the card. You may contact the Teen Court Office for additional time card selection sites if you have difficulty scheduling hours.
  • Court-Ordered Classes: If the Municipal Judge orders a State approved Alcohol, Drug, or Tobacco Awareness class you will receive single hour credit for all state classes if you submit a copy of the certificate.
  • Personal Preference: You may also complete your community service at a non-profit agency of your choice. You may list the preference on your enrollment form or call the Teen Court Office and the information will be noted in your file. You must receive approval from the Teen Court staff prior to completing the work. You must provide a letter written and signed by the supervisor which states the dates you worked, number of hours you worked, and duties you performed. The letter must be on letterhead and include a phone number. Teen Court staff will call to verify all hours reported. An original must be submitted prior to 90-day completion date.
  • Double Credit Events: We have special events that you may sign up to work and receive 2 hours credit for every hour worked. These events are posted on the website. You must call the Teen Court Office to sign up for these events. If you are scheduled and do not show up you will be assigned additional service hours and may not sign up for other double credit events. These hours will not be counted on your time card.
  • First Offender Program: If you are 11-13 years old you will be required to attend the First Offender Program in lieu of community service and jury terms. You will complete all paperwork during enrollment and receive documentation after you attend your Teen Court session. The First Offender Program is a five-session course and meets once per week. You must attend all five sessions to earn any credit. Referral packets and program descriptions are available from the Teen Court staff. The First Offender Program will contact you to schedule your classes.
  • Jury Duty: You are required to serve on one jury duty within your 90 days. You will not receive community service hours for the required jury duty term. You must call ahead to sign up for jury duty. NO WALK-INS ALLOWED. You are required to be in dress code.    
  • Donations: Please refer to the special events/donations section above. You may only make one donation.