Teen Court Dress Code

The dress code will be strictly enforced for all participants.

You will not be allowed into a Teen Court session if you are not in compliance with the dress code. Dress code applies at every Teen Court night. There will be no exceptions. 

Acceptable Dress for Males

  • Dress Shirt/Collared Shirt (tucked in)
  • Dress Pants (at waist)

Acceptable Dress for Females

  • Collared Blouse/Shirt (tucked in)
  • Dress Pants (at waist)
  • Dresses/Skirts (knee length or longer)

Inappropriate Dress

  • No Denim Jeans
  • No T-Shirts
  • No Flip Flops (to include soccer slides and crocs)
  • No Shorts or Capri Pants or Leggings
  • No Sleeveless Shirts/Tank Tops/Muscle Shirts
  • No Midriff Shirts - Must Go to the Waistline and Cover Entire Chest
  • No Short Skirts/Dresses - Must Be Knee Length or Longer
  • No Hats, Caps, Bandanas, Do-Rags
  • No Torn or Baggy Clothing
  • No School Apparel or Jerseys
  • No Facial Piercings
  • Athletic Apparel including Joggers and Hoodies

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

 Reminder - All cell phones must be turned off completely before the beginning of Teen Court. If a cell phone is a distraction, of any kind, it will be taken up and a parent must come to the Teen Court Office to retrieve it. No electronic devices (MP3s, iPods, etc.) are allowed in the courtroom. 


All questions and comments can be directed to the HEB Teen Court Office at 817-952-2468 or at teen.court@bedfordtx.gov.