Building & Standards Commission


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Position Member Term Ends Contact Information
01 - Engineer
OPEN December 31, 2021 N/A
02 - General Public OPEN December 31, 2022 N/A
03 - Building Contractor 
OPEN December 31, 2022 N/A
04 - General Public
Randy Youngs - Chairperson December 31, 2022 N/A
05 - Licensed Architect
Tom Bresnahan December 31, 2021 N/A
06 - Alternate OPEN December 31, 2022 N/A
07 - Alternate
OPEN December 31, 2021 N/A
08 - Alternate OPEN December 31, 2022 N/A
09 - Alternate OPEN December 31, 2021 N/A
10 - Alternate OPEN December 31, 2021 N/A
Building Staff Liaison 

Building Admin
Russel Hines, Building Official

Cindy Nathan

Email Russell Hines
Phone: 817-952-2144
Phone: 817-952-2131
Fire Department Liaison

Fire Department Admin
Joey Lankford, Fire Marshal

Cassey Amburn

Email Joey Lankford
Phone: 817-952-2500
Phone: 817-952-2500
Neighborhood Services &
Planning Manager

Neighborhood Svcs. Admin
Wes Morrison

Lexus Stuteville
Phone: 817-952-2168

Phone: 817-952-2442


The Building and Standards Commission consists of 5 members as follows:
  • 1 building contractor
  • 1 licensed architect
  • 1 registered engineer
  • 2 representatives from the general public
If a registered engineer or architect is not available, the Council may appoint such other person from the general public as it deems qualified to serve. Members serve 2-year terms.


The purpose of the Building and Standards Commission is the quasi-judicial enforcement of City ordinances for the preservation of public safety, covering separate areas of responsibility, relating to:
  • Conditions caused by accumulations of refuse, vegetation, or other matter that creates breeding and living places for insects and rodents
  • Dangerously damaged or deteriorated buildings or improvements
  • Fire safety of a building or improvement
  • Materials or methods used to construct a building or improvement
Code of Ordinances - Chapter 22, Article II - Building and Standards Commission