Swim ‘n Splash Swim Lessons

Drowning deaths are completely avoidable, so please do yourself a favor and verify that those you love are enrolled in a swim lesson program. Our swimming lessons will feature smaller class sizes and more training invested in the class instructors. Our lessons meet for two weeks, Monday through Thursday, with Friday used in cases of poor weather. The Swim ‘n Splash curriculum is intended for children starting around the age of three, who can be unaccompanied by their parent. Registration opens Monday, April 1 at the Boys Ranch Activity Center.

Level Assessment:

Is your child comfortable in the water, can fully submerge their head, as well as float on their front and back?

If Yes, Continue | If No, Guppy

Can your child retrieve an underwater object with eyes open, glide on top of the water with coordinated arm movements and have breath control?

If Yes, Continue | If No, Stingray

Can your child demonstrate strong skill in freestyle and backstroke, as well as fair to good ability to tread water unassisted?

If Yes, Continue to Bedford Surf Swim Team | If No, Dolphin

Classes at this level will encourage children to become comfortable in the water without a parent, as well as enhance their learning of basic buoyancy and locomotion with interactive games. In this level, children will learn to submerge, blow bubbles, and how to float along with basic leg and arm movements. Intended for children roughly aged three to five years old. 

In this class, children will be taught how to propel themselves through the water with coordinated kicking and arm actions, as well as add rhythmic breathing into the freestyle. Intended for children roughly aged five to eight years old who have had prior experience in the water and swim lessons. 

In this class, participants will begin developing and enhancing all four strokes, including rhythmic breathing for each. Intended for children roughly aged nine to thirteen years old and can float independently on front and back, as well as can demonstrate forward locomotion while floating.   

**Each level has class openings in all the time slots listed below. However, availability for each level is limited, so sign up early to guarantee your child is registered in the Level/Session/Time that best fits your schedule.**

Fee:          $60 for Residents; $65 for Non-Residents
Ages:              Starting around three yrs. and up
Instructor:       Staff
Days:               Monday – Thursday

9:00 a.m. – 9:40 a.m.

                      9:50 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

                      10:40 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.

Location:      Bedford Splash

Session 1:      June 3 – 13
Session 2:      June 17 – June 27
Session 3:       July 8 – July 18
Session 4:    July 22 – August 1


Private Swim Lessons
A one-on-one instruction customized for each client, based on age, ability, and comfort level in the water. After registration, we will contact you to learn more about your goals, schedule, and ability in the water; we will then pair you up with the instructor that best fits your needs. Lessons will be arranged around your schedule and can meet at either Bedford Splash or Roy Savage Pool. Private swim lesson schedules will consist of eight, 30-minute classes, with registration at the Boys Ranch Activity Center beginning Monday, April 1.

Fee:                $225
Ages:        All
Instructor:      Staff
Location:        Bedford Splash and/or Roy Savage Swimming Pool