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Progress to Date

October 2019

October 23
Senior Center Phase Next Meeting
Staff will answer questions and concerns regarding the future plans for the Bedford Senior Center. Join the conversation with fellow Bedford senior center members about the Phase Next Project and the future or the Senior Activity Center.

phasenext public meeting - senior oct 23

September 2019

September 24

City Council Meeting
City Council approved the designation of 2400 School Lane as municipal park land.  City Council agreed to pursue a plan to create a multi-use arts facility on the Old Bedford School property and set a not-to-exceed amount of $5.5 million for the design and construction during the June 20, 2019 Special Session.  This item dedicates a portion of the Old Bedford School site as municipal park land, permitting the expenditure of park bond funds on the project.

City Council approved the designation of 1308 Harwood Road as municipal park land. This property is located adjacent to the Bedford Boys Ranch Park and south of Harwood Road. The acquisition of the property will allow for expansion of the ball fields and surrounding amenities as part of the Phase Next project. 

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Agenda and Meeting Documents

September 11
Senior staff meet with seniors at the Bedford Senior Activity Center to answer questions and discuss the 15% designs for Phase Next. There was another great turn-out of over 100 seniors coming to let their voices be heard and to learn more about what stage in design the project is in. 

September 5
Bedford Boys Ranch Park patrons might notice a truck drilling core samples throughout the park this week. These samples will be used to determine the future building's foundation and structural support. The samples are starting on the ball fields so that league play will not be interrupted this weekend

.August 2019

August 27
Council Update on Boys Ranch Park – Phase Next: 15% Design and Business Plan. City Council received a preliminary business plan for the future park and multi-generational recreation center, along with a updated site plan at 15% design.

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MasterPlan_BBR_8_20_2019 (002)
15 percent Design Site Plan
15 percent Design Schematic
15 percent Design Schematic 2nd Floor

                                                                                                             *All designs are at 15% completion and have not be finalized 

August 7
Senior Center Phase Next Meeting  
Staff answered questions and concerns regarding the future plans for the Bedford Senior Center. A great turn-out of 100+ Senior Center Members came to voice their questions and to hear the plans for future programming during the Phase Next Project.

June 2019

June 11
Briefing on Phase Next site plan, construction phasing and multi-generational building/aquatics alternatives.

Discussion and possible action regarding Site Plan Review of Boys Ranch Park – Phase Next (Park and Multi-Generational Center) including Site Concept Test Fit Options/Construction Phasing; Multi- Generational Building/Aquatics Options; Construction Budget; Draft Operations Assumptions Review; Final Arts and Entertainment Feasibility Report; and Recommendations for Next Steps.

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Review the Presentation Slides

June 20
Discussion and possible action with respect to Phase Next and the arts.
Council Minutes - June 20 Special Council Session

  • Allocated $5.5M of the remaining $10M in Phase Next bond funds for the design and construction of a visual and performing arts addition to the Old Bedford School. This new space would be available for use and programming by all nonprofits;
  • Allocated the remaining $4.5M of Phase Next bond funds to the overall park bringing that total to $64.5M;
  • Chose to construct the park development in one phase rather than multiple across the different aspects of the development;
  • Directed staff to find alternative space for ONSTAGE during the park project; and,
  • Directed staff to provide as much recreation and senior programming as possible in other venues during the project

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March 2019

A presentation of the Prioritized Community Needs for Boys Ranch – Phase Next were presented to City Council. 

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Review the Presentation Slides

January 2019

Sixteen Stakeholder Meetings and three Public Meetings were held which included - Senior Staff, Parks Staff, Recreation/Aquatics/IT Staff, Maintenance Staff, Library Staff, Arts/Entertainment Stakeholders, Adjacent Homeowner Stakeholders, Cultural Commission Stakeholders, Arts/music Stakeholders, Arts Council Stakeholders, Contract Instructors Stakeholders, Seniors Stakeholders, Leagues Stakeholders, School/Civic Groups Stakeholders, Heritage Stakeholders, Community Affairs Commission Stakeholders, the Parks & Beautification Boards, and City Council. A total of 115 people attended the Public Meeting on January 31 in the evening. To view the public meeting and slides click the links below.

Watch the Meeting Presentation

Review the Presentation Slides

November 2018

Professional services agreements approved by City Council for geotechnical services, landscape architecture, civil engineering, architectural services, related structural/MEP engineering, aquatic engineering, branding and other services for the Boys Ranch Park - Phase Next. View the council meeting. 

August 2018

City staff members short listed the RFQ teams in mid-August. This team was a diverse group of city staff from various departments in order to insure the most qualified providers would be selected. References were performed for each professional and their sub-consultants prior to the interview. An interview selection committee comprised of individuals from the City Manager’s Office, other staff, and City Council interviewed the short-listed teams from each RFQ in August. The decision was unanimous regarding the recommendation of the firms.

July 2018

A total of 23 professional consultant teams submitted Request for Qualifications (RFQs) at the end of July 2018. 

May 2018

A new Concept Plan was then presented to the public at the May 8, 2018 Public Meeting. Upon receipt of comments and consensus of new Phase Next concept, City Council instructed staff to begin the consultant selection process. View the council meeting. 

April 2018

The City Council met in a work session with city staff to hold a Design Charrette on the Boys Ranch Park - Phase Next site plan to review the bond election Concept Plan. At the meeting, the City Council explored improvements to the bond election site plan to reduce construction time & costs, review the location of facilities, examine constraints, and provide other improvements & amenities within the site plan. A new Concept Plan was then presented to the public at a May 8, 2018 Public Meeting. Upon receipt of comments and consensus of Phase Next – Concept B, City Council instructed staff to begin the consultant selection process. View the agenda. 

March 2018

The City Council approved the ordinance to issue $60,000,000 out of the $70,000,000 that was previously authorized for park-related matters for the “City of Bedford, Texas General Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bonds, Series 2018”. The City received the funds on April 2018.

February 2018

The City Council approved securing the services of Cissy Sylo to serve as the Capital Project Manager for the City of Bedford during the Phase Next improvements. Ms. Sylo can be reached at or 817-952-2176. View the agenda. 

November 2017

Bond Election - Bedford voters approved the issuance of $70,000,000 in General Obligation Bonds to better accommodate the community’s need for park and recreational improvements during the November 7, 2017 election.

October 2017

Phase Next Public Input Meetings 

September 2017

Watch the conceptual flyover video 

August 2017

The City Council approved language and vote to hold the Bond Election scheduled on November 7, 2017, in the amount of $70 million dollars. View the agenda. 

July 2017

The 1st Public Input survey was released.

Mulitple Public Input meetings were held. View the Kimley-Horn presentation that was shown or watch the video replay of the LIVE meetings below. The presentation covered the following:

• The goals of Phase Next
• Progress that has been made to date
• Discussion on the current facilities, including the age of the buildings and what they are used for
• Layout what's next

July 13 public meeting

July 28 public meeting

June 2017

The feasibility study was presented by Kimley Horn. The council  agenda can be found here. View the presentation here.

May 2017

The City Council toured bench marked activity and senior centers and City staff worked with Kimley Horn to gather operational data. Click to view the council agenda. 

March 2017 

The City contracted with Kimley-Horn and Associates (KHA) for updating the Boys Ranch Park Master Plan to include a comprehensive feasibility study and conceptual design for a Multi generational Community Center (recreation and senior center), renovation/replacement  of athletic fields, and conceptual use of re-purposed property. This project has been referred to as Phase Next and is currently estimated to cost $70 million. 


The Bedford Parks and Recreation Master Plan was updated.

History of Boys Ranch Park

Bedford Boys Ranch was opened and operated by the Variety Club of Dallas from 1949 to 1957 to provide housing for boys who were wards of the court. Patterned after Boys Town, Nebraska, the ranch spread over 232 acres. Boys Ranch contained a farm and dairy where food and livestock were raised. The boys had access to a swimming pool, a lighted football field with bleachers built into a berm, a baseball diamond, a gymnasium and a lake. Two brick dormitories housed up to 200 boys whose ages ranged from ten to fourteen. Other facilities included a cafeteria, laundry, water and sewage system, and five cottages for employees. Attached is Exhibit A showing an aerial from 1963 depicting most of the development from that era of the Park.

In 1973, the City of Bedford, Texas optioned the 52.6 acre tract that officially became Bedford Boys Ranch Park on July 6, 1974. After purchasing the community park, the City has made improvements in accordance with the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. Of the 1949 amenities, the original gymnasium is still being utilized in the Boys Ranch Activity Center which was expanded by the City in the 1999 to 30,000 square feet (SF). The original 1949 cafeteria was renovated into the Onstage Performing Arts Theater (4,000 SF) and the one remaining dormitory (6,000 SF) was renovated into the offices of the Arts Council of Northeast Tarrant County. The Senior Center (8,000 SF) was constructed in 1976 and an addition was constructed in 1984. The Outdoor Aquatic Center – “Splash” was constructed in 2003. In 2009, $3,200,000 of improvements at the Park including reshaping the detention pond and installing new pedestrian bridges, a new playground, disc golf, fishing piers, weir dams, picnic pavilions, and trails & lighting were authorized by the city for construction.

Your City, Your Park, Your Future!

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