Phase Next Frequently Asked Questions

Generations Park -01

What is Phase Next?

Originally the Park Master Plan called for a four-phase project to renovate the park. After completion of the first phase of the park renovation in 2016, City Council expressed interest in compiling the remaining projects into one phase. The term Phase Next has been used to discuss the remaining phases of the redevelopment.

Who is responsible for the consulting of the project?

City Council approved securing the services of Kelly Snook to serve as the Capital Projects Director for the City of Bedford during the Phase Next improvements. Ms. Snook can be reached at or (817) 952-2176. 

The professional services contracts have been approved for the following services for the Boys Ranch Park - Phase Next:
1. Oxley Williams Tharp Architects PLLC (OWT)  - (RFQ 18-01)  Architectural services; and related structural; mechanical, electrical, structural engineering; aquatic engineering; branding & other professional services.

2. CMJ Geotechnical -  Geotechnical Engineering Services. 

3. Halff Associates Inc. (HAI) - (RFQ 18-02) - Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, & Other Professional Services for Boys Ranch Park – Phase Next. 

When will construction begin?

The City Council approved the construction in one-phase beginning in the fall of 2020.   

Will there be interruption or limited access to facilities currently in the Boys Ranch Park?

The Bedford City Council approved a one-phase construction, which will temporarily close the park.  This will improve safety, decrease construction time, and decrease construction costs.  An updated schedule is being developed for the community and will be available once the construction plans are complete.

How much will the entire Phase Next project cost?

The overall Phase Next budget is $64,500,000.

Will this new facility require additional employees, maintenance, etc.?

The final financial feasibility plan was presented to City Council in August 2019.  The project includes larger facilities and increased usage will require additional employees and maintenance to manage the amenities.

Will the membership prices be the same?

The membership pricing for a new multi-generational facility has not yet been determined by the City Council.

View Business Plan - Final Report.

What is the cost recovery for the new building?

The Final Financial Feasibility Plan was submitted to the City Council in early fall 2019.  The City Council set the cost recovery at 65% for the building.

View Business Plan - Final Report.

Will there be expanded hours at the new facility?

While final hours have not be determined for the new facility, it is typical for new facilities to have expanded facility hours to better serve the community.

Will the new facility have space for the arts?

Bedford City Council allocated $5,500,000 in Phase Next bond funds for the design and construction of an arts and entertainment center at the Old Bedford School. This new space would be available for use and programming by all nonprofits.  

If an indoor pool was built, would the school district swim teams have access to it? 

The design for the indoor pool will not have enough lanes to allow the school district to use the facility at this time.

How can I get involved?

Bedford encourages users and citizens to attend and participate in scheduled meetings to express interest in the renovation. Check back on the  Phase Next page at for the latest news and updates. Upcoming meetings will be posted to the  Phase Next Project Timeline