Code Compliance

This Division's primary purpose is to address nuisance and property standard violations in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community. These violations include, but are not limited to: high weeds and grass, trash and debris, dilapidated fences, illegal dumping, illegal signage, and junk/abandoned vehicles.

The main goal of enforcement is togain conpliance through cooperative efforts, follow-ups, and citations (when necessary), to reduce neighborhood deterioration and sustain property values.

Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP)

Members of Code Compliance and Animal Control meet in a pre-designated residential area of the City and perform a "neighborhood walk".

Code Compliance is responsible for identifying, addressing, and resolving nuisance and property standard violations in a timely manner, to help reduce neighborhood deterioration and maintain property values.  Animal Control is responsible for addressing and educating residents of responsible pet ownership.  The ensures a safe and healthy environment for the community.

If a violation is observed, the resident will be provided a "notice" explaining the nature of the violation with corrective direction.

"NRP" Requests should be directed to Code Compliance Supervisor, Marie Nagy-Jones at 817-952-2642.

Code Compliance's Most Un-Wanted List

1. High Grass & Weeds

Anytime grass or weeds grow taller than ten inches on the property, grass/weeds accumulate in the flower bed(s); grass/weeds accumulate or remain onto/within the curb, gutter, and sidewalk, it is declared a nuisance.

2. Trash & Debris

Accumulation of trash, junk, damaged/discarded items, debris, garbage, rubbish, weeds, broken/dropped tree limbs, building and fencing materials, furniture, appliances, tires, car parts, or stagnant water, can be dangerous and hazardous to the community. 

Take advantage of these City Programs:

  • Chunk Your Junk
  • Community Powered Revitalization (CPR)

Allied Republic Wastes Programs

  • Bulk Waste Pick Up
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Free Drop Off
  • Recycling

3. Stagnant/Green Pools & Standing Water

Unclean/Unsanitary pools or areas of standing (un-drained) water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  West Nile and Chikungunya are health and safety risks taken seriously within the City of Bedford.  Ensuring that all pools are properly maintained and all areas where standing water exists are drained and/or treated regularly will assist with the City's fight against Mosquitoes and the virus they bring.

4. Minimum Housing Code

The City's Code of Ordinances require proper maintenance of a house by means of repairing or replacing any deteriorating roofing, broken windows, old trim and/or siding, repairing cracks in walls, floors, and chimney(s); or painting exposed/unprotected wood, to name a few.  The benefits to proper maintenance are that the homeowner's property values rise, attracting people to the neighborhood and bringing in valuable revenue which contributes to needed repairs to streets and facilities.

5. Trash Cans/Recycle Container stored in view

Screening trash cans and recycling bins from ordinary view by means of relocation to the backyard, behind a solid fence, or installing screening material in the form of foliage, lattice, or decorative barrier, adhere to the City's Code of Ordinances.

6. Junk Vehicles

Junk Vehicles are defined as follows:

  • Self-propelled vehicle
  • Trailer or semi-trailer designed for use with a self-propelled vehicle and these vehicles do not have and are on private property
  • Valid License plate
  • Valid vehicle inspection certificate
  • Wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, discarded or inoperable
  • Remained inoperable for more than 72 consecutive hours or 30 consecutive days

7. Low Limbs

Trim trees and/or shrubbery growing over the public street and gutter to a minimum of 14 feet.  Trim trees and/or shrubbery growing over the public sidewalk to a minimum of 7 feet.

8. Zoning

Residential and Commercial properties have restrictions based on their respective zoning areas.  To look up your Zoning District, and Rules and Regulations, click here.

9. Building Permits

Building Permits are required for numerous kinds of home and property improvements.  To look up commonly asked questions and obtain applications for permits, click here.

Common Code Violations

  • Weeds and Grass over 10 inches in height
  • Junked/Abandoned Vehicles
  • Parking of Vehicles in the Yard
  • Unclean Premises (debris & trash)
  • Dilapidated Fence
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Illegal Signs
  • Vehicles for Sale
  • Unkept Swimming Pools
  • Oversized Vehicles Parked in Residential Areas

Report a Code Problem

Use the Better It in Bedford online application or call 817-952-2640 24-hours a day to report any code violations.

Are You a Good Neighbor?

We all want to live in a strong, safe, sustainable community. By doing your part, you assist the community by making Bedford one of the most desirable places to live and work. The suggestions below are helpful good neighbor tips:

  • Keep your home properly maintained
  • Keep your yard groomed on a regular basis
  • Keep sidewalks free from any obstructions
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum
  • Dispose of excess trash and debris
  • Place trash for pick-up out at appropriate times
  • Park vehicles where designated
  • Remove junk/abandoned vehicles from the street or driveway