Adventures in Art Camp Online


Adventures of Art Camp is back by popular demand, and this time online! The professional award-winning artist and instructor , Susan Garden of the Robert Garden School of Art created a online course for fine art and creative thinking. In this all new curriculum, your young artist will be able to follow the instructor step-by-step and Daniel, the 9 year old student who demonstrates and reinforces what Susan teaches. The lessons are pre-recorded videos that the new student will have access to after payment for the class is processed. Students will view and complete 8 amazing finished works of art using 4 different mediums creating;

· 2 charcoal drawings of a penquin and a horse, a template for tracing the penquin and horse and carbon paper are provided

· 2 watercolor paintings of a sunset beach with a palm tree and a colorful bird on a branch, a template for tracing the bird is provided

· 2 acrylic paintings on canvas of a Kangaroo in the Outback and a winter scene with snow-laden spruce and snowflakes falling, a template for the kangaroo is provided

· 2 oil pastels drawings of a bowl of fruit and flamingo bird with tropical vegetation and flowers, templates for fruit and flamingo are provided.

· Students learn drawing and shading, color mixing with use of opposite colors, brushstrokes such as blending, spackling and double-loading.

· All art supplies are provided for the 8 lessons and they will be shipped to you after registration along with instructions for viewing from with a protected password. These videos and supplies will be yours to keep view on any device from website at your convenience throughout the summer until August 25, 2020. We ask that you keep the password private and for your use only.

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For more information please contact Janell Denton at 817 952 2329 or