Emergency Medical Services

The Bedford Fire Department has been providing emergency medical services (EMS) to the City of Bedford since May 1974. Our fire department was the first fire department in Tarrant County to provide a full-time professional EMS program. The Bedford Fire Department was also among the first of fire departments in Tarrant County to staff ambulances with firefighter/paramedics. Bedford paramedics are cross-trained as firefighters. We take tremendous pride in providing high-quality emergency medical care to our citizens.

Bedford Fire Department is a Licensed EMS provider with the Texas Department of State Health Services. All of our ambulances are licensed as Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU), which is the highest level for ground transport units in the state. We maintain an MICU staffed with firefighter/paramedics in each of our three fire stations. In addition, each fire company is staffed with firefighter/paramedics and carries advanced life support drugs, cardiac monitor defibrillator, and EMS equipment to provide the highest level of care when firefighters arrive at the patient’s side.

EMS is the highest demand for our service and requires all operation personnel working as a team to provide seamless coverage around the clock for our citizens and visitors. We are proud to maintain a four-minute response time.  Fire companies are utilized to assist on EMS calls of a serious nature such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, strokes, head injuries, drowning, and serious trauma. We responded to over 5,000 EMS incidents in 2021. We transport patients to hospitals in both Tarrant and Dallas counties. Hospital selection is based on patient preference or appropriate facility based on the patient’s condition.

Bedford Fire Department EMS personnel are well trained. It takes over two years of school to become a certified paramedic in most cases. Paramedics are required to successfully complete a minimum, three-month field-training program before they can practice as a primary medic. Each paramedic must successfully pass comprehensive protocol and skills testing while working under the direct supervision of a Field Training Officer. All personnel are required to attend medical training classes taught by Tarrant County College. Fire personnel receive additional certification training in areas such as ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), AMLS (Advanced Medical Life Support),  and PHTLS (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support).

Ambulance Subscription Program

The City of Bedford is offering citizens of Bedford an ambulance subscription service to help offset the high costs of emergency ambulance transportation. Insurance companies routinely do not pay the entire amount of ambulance transportation, leaving the patient with the responsibility of paying the balance of the bill. The purpose of the subscription service is to cover the amount not covered by your insurance provider or Medicare. Medicaid Recipients and persons not covered under a primary insurance policy, are not eligible for this program. Please visit the Ambulance Subscription Program page for details. 

If you have questions regarding an Ambulance/EMS bill, please contact Emergicon 1-877-602-2060.

Medic 151 transferring patient to PHI EMS Helicopter