COVID-19 Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services (Code Compliance) Questions

Will the City of Bedford, TX-City Services stop enforcing the code compliance about the placement of garbage bags and vegetation overgrowth while the City reopens under the Governor’s Open Texas Plan?

Neighborhood Services has been directed to continue to investigate and appropriately abate violations to the Code of Ordinances. Neighborhood Services Officers will continue their routine patrols through their respective Code Districts. Discretion has been given to the Neighborhood Services Officer to choose how strictly they will enforce the Code, but maintaining the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our community remains paramount.

Will Code Compliance Officers contact me about violations I might have on my property?

Neighborhood Services Officers are practicing social distancing with residents per CDC guidelines for the safety of the resident and the officer. Contact with residents regarding violations of the Code is also being conducted primarily via emails, phone calls, and official letters.

Why is the City still enforcing minor violations?

Neighborhood Services considers all violations to be important to the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our community. Violations such as high grass and weeds can become a problem with rodents and other unwanted animals like insects and snakes. In order to keep the community safe from these vermin, it is imperative that Neighborhood Services enforce even perceived minor violations.

Can residents contact Neighborhood Services about Code complaints or other questions?

Absolutely, Neighborhood Services is available in person, by phone, email, and the Better At Bedford App. Neighborhood Services is dedicated to providing timely, ethical, and positive communication with all residents and business owners.

How do we contact Neighborhood Services?

The most effective way to contact Neighborhood Services is through email or by phone at 817- 952-2640.  All efforts will be taken to promptly address your concerns.

What if I get a tag on my door from Code Compliance?

These tags are NOT violations, but an effort by the City to let a resident know that a violation might exist. This gives the resident time to correct any actions before moving toward a Notice of Violation. If you have questions, contact the Neighborhood Services Officer that issued the door tag - information is located on the affixed business card.

If given a Notice of Violations, will I have time to correct the violation before citations are issued?

Neighborhood Services is committed to educating and engaging with residents. Our staff will work with all residents to ensure compliance. This means possibly extending time to get property in compliance or assisting with available resources. Citations are a last resort. If you have issues contacting Neighborhood Services staff is the best course of action.

I do not understand why I received a Notice of Violation (NOV)?

Notice of Violation (NOV) is NOT a citation. An NOV is a method of communication with residents. The NOV is to inform you that a Neighborhood Services Officer has witnessed a code violation. The NOV is a chance for the resident to get property in compliance or to start a conversation with Neighborhood Services. All Code questions should be directed to or by phone at 817-952-2640.  All efforts will be taken to promptly address your concerns.

What if I cannot correct the violation because of the Governor’s Open Texas plan?

Neighborhood Services will make every effort to work with residents. Empathy, compassion, and sensitivity are values embodied by Neighborhood Services staff. Please contact Neighborhood Services at or by phone at 817-952-2640 to discuss any issues.