Vial of Life Medical Information Pocket

The Vial of Life Medical Information Pocket is a red plastic pocket that has a magnet on the back, so it can be stuck on a home's refrigerator. Inside the pocket is a medical information form each household member needs to complete and asks questions about medical conditions, medical history, allergies, current medications, preferred hospitals, doctors' names, vaccinations, and emergency contact information. 

This form will provide paramedics with life-saving information during a medical emergency, when you may be home alone and not able to communicate with them. This informational sheet will also be taken with the patient to the hospital, for hospital staff to use. Please include any other important documents about you that will assist medical professionals in your treatment.

The Vial of Life Pocket is free and can be picked up from Fire Administration at Fire Station 1, 1816 Bedford Rd. Please download and complete the Patient Information form that should be placed inside the pocket.

Vial of Life Pocket and Medical Form