Neighborhood Streets Improvement Plan

All streets will receive ongoing maintenance such as pothole filling, pavement markings, traffic signals, and other necessary minor repairs. •Future year’s projects are constantly being evaluated as priorities evolve, and data is collected.

Please note, when a project is funded, it allows for necessary engineering and design work to begin. Construction timelines are not determined until any necessary engineering and design work are complete. Some projects may not need engineering and/or design work; however, the majority of these projects will need engineering and design work.

The list below will also be updated when the City receives the results from the 2022 Pavement Analysis Street Assessment, which, once approved by City Council, will amend the 2023 Capital Improvement Program for streets.  

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Projects

Street Name
Repair Type
Briar DriveFull-Depth Reclamation
Cheryl AvenueMill and Overlay
Shady Brook DriveMill and Overlay
Shady Grove DriveMill and Overlay
Shady Lake DriveMill and Overlay
Shirley WayFull-Depth Reclamation

Repair Type Definitions

Mill and Overlay: The removal of the top two inches of a street by the grinding action of a milling machine. After the top layer is removed, a new layer of pavement is added.

Concrete Panel Replacement: Panel replacement involves the full depth, full lane width removal of a severely deteriorated concrete slab and replacing it with the new concrete to minimize further deterioration and extend the life of the surrounding pavement.

Full-Depth Reclamation: Full-depth reclamation is the process of pulverizing and blending all layers of asphalt pavement, as well as part or all of the underlying base materials, and recycling them to provide a uniform material upon which to place a new layer of asphalt. This will eliminate all ruts, rough areas, all types of cracking, and pot holes. It also restores the proper contours of the road to allow better surface drainage. Existing curbs and gutters are not replaced.

Reconstruction: The total removal of existing pavement/subgrade and replacement with a new pavement section. This method includes replacement of curb and gutters.