Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Group of people discussing park amenities at an April public input meetingIn March 2022, the City Council and staff began the formal process to update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The updated Master Plan will serve as a guiding document for decisions regarding future park amenities and trail sections.

A key component of the Master Plan Update process is public input. The City coordinated multiple opportunities for the community to participate in the process to maximize public input while remaining on schedule to finalize the plan. The updated Master Plan was submitted in June 2022 in order to meet State deadlines, allowing the City to be eligible for future grant opportunities. 

Residents had the opportunity to attend a public input meeting on April 21 and 21. The meetings can be viewed at and by clicking on the "Other Meetings" tab.

View the updated 2022 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Public Input Opportunities

The City held several events, both in-person and online. Two public input meetings were held in April, where the community was invite to give their opinions on current park amenities and what is needed in the future. Those meetings can be viewed by clicking the "Other Meetings" tab at

The public input boards were then taken to the Bedford Public Library from April 22 through May 1. Each of the three boards displayed inside the library's entrance asked residents what existing amenities they use the most now in our parks, what future amenities they’d like to vote for from a list, and what amenities they’d like to add to Bedford parks and trails in the future (not on the list). 

Finally, a five-question statistically-valid survey was sent out on May 3 to registered Bedford FlashVote users related to previously-asked Parks and Trail amenity questions. The questions and results from that survey are located online

Previous Versions of the Parks and Rec Master Plan


Are there any things included in the 2016 Parks and Rec Master Plan that were not added? If so, what happens to those plans to add those items?

Yes, there are items that were not completed from the 2016 plan. Those items will be reevaluated based on current community priorities. Communities grow and change, as do resident priorities for parks and recreation amenities. Therefore, the City will work to ensure current resident wants/desires are included in the 2022 plan.