Maps of Memories Sculpture

During the ribbon cutting at The Center on January 21, 2023, the City unveiled the “Maps of Memories” sculpture, which honors the history of the Boys Ranch property. It is located within Generations Park at Boys Ranch (2801 Forest Ridge Dr.), in between The Center and lake and is made entirely of steel.

The sculpture depicts three topographic maps, each side representing a distinct time in the history of the Boys Ranch property. Learn more about this piece of public art and each illustration portrayed. 


This area portrays when the Bedford Boys Ranch first opened its doors to wayward boys until its closure in 1957. Illustrations on this side include the east and west dormitories, cafeteria, gymnasium, football field, farm animals, and more.

side of the Maps of Memories sculpture representing 1949-1957 view of the property


The second side represents the changing landscape of the park, after it was purchased by the City to build a community park. Illustrations here include the Boys Ranch Activity Center, roller hockey rink, tennis courts, and various art organizations. 

side of the Maps of Memories sculpture representing 1974-2020 view of the property

2022-and beyond 

This third side represents the redevelopment and current views of the property, featuring the special events lawn, disc golf course, ballfields, The Center, lake, and outdoor water park. 

This sculpture was in the works for over a year, when the City began planning to incorporate a piece of public art within the park that would celebrate and remember the past, while embracing the future and redevelopment of this property.

side of the Maps of Memories sculpture representing the 2022 years and beyond view of the property

About the Artist

To achieve this, artist Jessica Green, then a sculpture student at the University of North Texas, began an internship in 2022 with the City to research and design a sculpture that achieved the City’s goals. For several months, Jessica read archived newspapers and Boys Ranch documents, in addition to interviewing Bedford residents, longtime City staff, and former Boys Ranch residents. Jessica now works for the City as a Cultural Arts Assistant, helping the City create exciting art-related opportunities, programming, and events for residents.