Renter's Rights

The Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement) Division may be able to assist residents leasing apartments or homes with situations affecting one’s physical health or safety, if there is enough evidence showing the property management or landlord is not diligently working to resolve the issue within a reasonable time. A “reasonable time” is defined as the time it would take a reasonable person to repair or replace the item – or provide a written explanation of the delay on or before the fifth day after receiving the tenant’s repair request.

Examples of items that affect the health and safety of a tenant include, but are not limited to:

Repairs and Improvements

Landlord must make repairs in: 

  • No Air Conditioning or Heat
  • No Hot Water
  • Sewage Backups
  • Pest Infestation 
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Roof Leaks

Locks and Security Devices

  • Inoperable Exterior Window Latches
  • No Exterior Door Doorknob Lock, and/or Keyed Deadbolt
  • Lack of Sliding Door Pin Lock, Sliding Door Handle Latch or Sliding Door Security Bar 
  • No Exterior Door Keyless Bolting Device and Peephole
  • Dwellings must have had all key-operated locks re-keyed or changed on the exterior doors between periods of occupancy

Smoke Detectors - Operable Smoke Detectors Are Required

  • At least one operable smoke detector is required in each bedroom
  • If a corridor serves several bedrooms, one operable smoke detector must be installed in the corridor in the immediate vicinity of those bedrooms
  • One operable smoke detector must be located inside the room in an efficiency apartment where the same room is used for dining, living, and sleeping purposes
  • For multiple levels, operable smoke detectors must be placed on each level

Multi-Family Registration and Inspection

Any person or entity who owns, operates or controls a multi-family property located within the City of Bedford is required to register the property annually and/or upon a change in ownership. Associated with the annual registration, the City will, at a minimum, conduct an annual inspection of the complex, ensuring the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City of Bedford. 

If you have questions regarding the required registration and inspection process, please contact Neighborhood Services at 817-952-2640 or send an email to

Tenant Resources

Tenants' Rights Handbook (published by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the Texas State Bar Association)

If you have additional questions regarding issues with a landlord or possible eviction, contact one of the following agencies: