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Citizens Fire Academy Application

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  2. Citizens Fire Academy
    What is it? The Citizens Fire Academy is a free course designed to give Bedford citizens and business owners, managers and employees working knowledge of their Fire Department. The class also provides a great opportunity for persons that reside or work in the City of Bedford to increase relations between the Fire Department and the community.
  3. Who is eligible and how do I apply?
    You must be at least 18 years old and live or work in Bedford. A background check will be performed on all applicants. Printed applications should be completed and returned to: Citizens Fire Academy 1816 Bedford Road Bedford, TX 76021-5706
  4. How are classes conducted?
    How are classes conducted? The Academy is held once a year. Citizens meet one night a week for ten (10) weeks at the Central Fire Station, 1816 Bedford Road The classes are provided free of charge.
  5. Topics covered in the classes include:
    • Organization Structure • Fire Service History • Fire Station Tours (3 stations) • Emergency Apparatus and Equipment • Fire Operations • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) • Hazardous Materials Response • Explosive Response • Protective Clothing (Hands-on) • Self-Contained-Breathing-Apparatus (SCBA) (Hands-on) • Crash Victim Extrication (Demonstration) • Portable Fire Extinguishers (Hands-on) • Women in Fire Service • Recruiting, Certification, and Training • Emergency Management and Preparedness • Fire and Arson Investigations • Accelerant Detection (K-9 Team) • Fire Inspections • EMS Helicopter (Landing) • Swift Water Team • Dispatch Tour • Command Vehicle • Ride out with Firefighters and Medics • Alumni Association
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  9. I, __________________________________, understand from this application and signature below, the information will be verified and a background check will be completed by the Bedford Fire Department, for the purposes of checking my criminal history record so that I MAY be selected to participate in the Citizens Fire Academy and Rider Program. I also understand my criminal history background MAY disqualify me from being selected to the Citizens Fire Academy. By signing below, I give my consent to the Bedford Fire Department to check my criminal history record for the purpose of being selected to the Citizens Fire Academy and Rider Program.
  10. For More Information, Contact:
    Bedford Fire Department Administration Office: 817-952-2500 Fax: 817-952-2540

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