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Request for Court Case Records

  1. Court Case Records Request

    Please use this form to request court records from the City of Bedford Municipal Court. This form allows the request of individual court case records under the common law right of inspection. Some information is not subject to release and may be denied in whole or with redactions. If fees or exceptions apply, the Court Manager or their designee will contact the requestor. A request to inspect a judicial record must be in writing, include sufficient information to identify the record, and must be directed to the custodian of the record. 

    Access to court case records and other information collected, assembled, or maintained by or for the Bedford Municipal Court are by common law, statutory law, and court rules. Court case records and judicial records are not subject to the Public Information Act (PIA). The Bedford Municipal Court will try to provide responses and records in a timely manner. This may take up to 14 days, if remote record retrieval is required.

    The requestor will also be required to provide personal identification, such as a government issued ID. If the requestor is a law enforcement officer or government criminal justice agency, a notarized release of information may be required.

  2. Exceptions to Use of This Form

    This form is only for making a request for individual case records. Requests for bulk court records or bulk data records must be made in writing to the court and sent to:

    Bedford Municipal Court
    Attn: Court Records Request
    2000 Forest Ridge Drive
    Bedford, Texas 76021

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  5. Case Record Information
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