Fire Station No. 1 Mural

The City of Bedford invites artists to submit proposals for a mural inside Fire Station 1, located at 1816 Bedford Rd. The dimensions of the wall are 22.5 feet wide x 8 feet tall. Designs should be based upon the life and work of a firefighter including, but not limited to: their role in community engagement and fire education, as well as saving lives fighting fires and administering emergency medical care. Designs should also integrate branding and logos specific to Bedford Fire Department trucks and gear. 

The mural will be installed in the main training room and will serve as a reminder and inspiration to the firefighters of the impact they have on the lives of others. The selected artist will work closely with BFD and staff to develop the details of an artwork that truly captures the identity and vision of the Bedford Fire Department. 

The budget for this project is $2,500. The winning artist will be responsible for all supplies.

photo of a wall at the Central Fire Station that will have a mural painted on it

Selection Criteria

The winning artist will be selected based on the following:

  • Artistic merit, originality, and creativity as evidenced by prior and proposed artwork.
  • Professional experience delivering projects of similar scale and scope.
  • Demonstrated ability to undertake the design, creation, and installation of the artwork within the timeline.
  • Artwork that requires little or no maintenance.
  • Artistic style that is complementary to community and stakeholder values.
  • Proposed budget appropriate to scope of the project.

Estimated Timeline

  • Submissions Due: Friday, June 17 at 5 p.m.
  • Selection Panel recommends artist: June 24
  • Design Phase (meet with staff to work out details of design): Early July
  • Painting: Mid July 

Submission Materials

  1. Statement of Intent: Think of this as your cover letter. Describe why you are interested in this opportunity and highlight any relevant experience. 
  2. Sketch of proposed design: Details of the design will be finalized once a winner is chosen; however, a drawing of the proposed overall design idea is required. This can be done in any medium. 
  3. Examples of work similar in scope and size: Included in your image list, please describe each project in terms of materials, site, and scale. Include dimensions and estimated budget. 
  4. Estimated Budget 


Please send all submission materials to Krissi Oden, the City's Cultural Arts Manager, at