Public Information Requests

Texas Government Code, Chapter 552 known as the Public Information Act (the “Public Information Act” or the “Act”) gives the public the right to request access to government information. The Act is triggered when a person submits a written request to a governmental

body. The request must ask for records or information already in existence. The Act does not require a governmental body to create new information, do legal research, or answer questions. In preparing a request, a person may want to ask the governmental body what information is available.

A person may ask to view the information, get copies of the information, or both. If a request is for copies of information, the governmental body may charge for the copies. If a request is only for an opportunity to inspect information, then usually the governmental body may not impose a charge on the requestor. However, under certain limited circumstances a governmental body may impose a charge for access to information. All charges imposed by a governmental body for copies or for access to information must comply with the rules prescribed by the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), unless another statute authorizes a governmental body to set its own charges

 ~Adapted from Public Information Act 2022 Handbook published by the Texas Attorney General’s Office

How to Make a Request

Requests for public information can be made by utilizing the online Public Information Request Form.

If unable to submit a request electronically, written requests for public information can be sent via the following methods:  

  • Hand delivered to City Hall, Building A
  • Mailed:
    Attention City Secretary
    2000 Forest Ridge Drive
    Bedford, TX 76021
  • Mailing Police Records:
    Attention Records Division
    2121 L Don Dodson Dr.
     Bedford, TX 76021

Please be as specific as possible as to the records you are requesting.

Frequently Requested Reports

  • Economic Development: Certificates of Occupancy and Demographics
  • Finance: Various reports including check registers, Program of Services and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
  • Fire Department: Structure Fire Reports  
  • Building Department: Monthly Permit Reports
  • Water Disconnection Records These records are confidential by law under the Texas Utilities Code as it would reveal that the usage was zero and the amount billed to or collected from the customer was zero, and the customers have not requested the information be released. Utilities Code Section 182.052(e) allows governmental bodies to withhold this information without the necessity of seeking an Attorney General decision.

Building Permit Records

On requests for building permits, please be specific on the type(s) of permits needed. View a list of building permit types