Traffic Signal Box Art Project

In 2021 and 2022, the City of Bedford invited artists to compete for the chance to display an original design one of the City’s traffic signal boxes. The wrapped boxes provide an opportunity to showcase the talent of local artists in a public space, as well as enhance the landscape of the City. View all winning traffic signal box designs. 


Proposals were accepted based on two themes, “Local Inspiration" and "Celebrating Cultures.

Proposals submitted under the theme “Local Inspiration” included any design inspired by Bedford and its landscape and community. This included, but was not limited to spaces, places, celebrations, objects, people, buildings, and/or history. 

For the “Celebrating Cultures” theme, designs were meant to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the diversity that makes up the community. This included imagery from cultural celebrations or any other design that celebrates the variety of cultures that make Bedford beautiful. 

The original work was from any medium, including painting, graphic design, photography, or printmaking.

red design traffic box made by Jodi Pope